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Workshops, tutorials, masterclasses and seminars: Summary of submission process



By 03/02/2020


By 05/05/2020

By 29/06/2020- 01/07/2020

Submission type


Description of plan

Full paper

Short abstract



Tutorial, Masterclass or Seminar session


Description: Interactive sessions, which can take

various forms, including: seminars, masterclasses, tutorials,

workshops (e.g. industry oriented-workshops, academic research

workshops, research & teaching methodology

tutorials and seminars and network building discussions. 




Length: 1,200 –  1,500 words

Content: Description and plan of the session (see guidance).

Acceptance process: subject to acceptance by the organising

committee and enrolling of one facilitator in the conference

Review Criteria: Fit within conference theme, and relevance to managers and/or academic community.


(If you wish to submit a paper for your session, please use the paper submission process – academic or industrial as appropriate – in addition to the session form)


Length: 150 – 200 words


Content: Description of the session (for publication in the ConferenceApp)



Time allocated:

Maximum 1.5 hours




Workshops, tutorials, masterclasses and seminars: Guidance and review criteria

Proposals for academic and industrially-oriented workshops, tutorials, seminars and other interesting and interactive sessions relevant to the domain of R&D Management are invited.  

Examples: industry oriented-workshops, academic research workshops, research and teaching methodology tutorials and seminars, network building discussions, and ‘meet the editor’ sessions.  
These sessions will be scheduled in a parallel track which will run for the duration of the conference.  These sessions will consist of 1.5 hour blocks.  Participants can register for the entire conference or for one day only. Sessions that relate to papers presented at the conference are encouraged, although this is not obligatory.  
The process for acceptance of the submission is described in the diagram below:

workshop process

Workshops, tutorials, masterclass and seminars

Proposals for a workshop, tutorial, masterclass or seminars should succinctly convey information about:

  • The objectives of the session (max 100 words)
  • How will it work (max 100 words )
  • Who is expected to contribute (max 100 words )
  • Whether the session is primarily: academic; practice focused or a mixture  

Proposals can be submitted via the online portal.

Review criteria: the proposals will be peer reviewed and the reviewer will be encouraged to score the submission according to these criteria:

  1. Is the workshop/tutorial/seminar interesting for the R&D Management community?  
  2. Is its purpose or value clearly evident?
  3. Is the plan feasible?  
  4. Who is it likely to benefit/participate? (Is it likely to attract an audience)?