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The core programme for the R&D Management Conference is structured around a series of parallel sessions each lasting 90 minutes. Sessions comprise four paper presentations that may be academically focused, practice relevant, or a mix of both. Tracks are nspired by this year's theme “Innovation Across Boundaries: Historical Reflection and Future Vision". Details can be seen below. 


Open Innovation for Healthcare and Medicine :

Accelerating healthcare delivery

This session aims to provide a platform for discussion and transformative action on the complex management challenges we now face in health and care. The proposed session will explore the emerging digital environments of innovation and collaboration that result in an architecture of open participation and creativity to address complex healthcare and medicine challenges.


The proposed session will provide a forum for academics and young researchers, practitioners and government agencies to engage and debate the paradigmatic shift towards open and collaborative innovation models in healthcare and medicine and its transformative potential to accelerate healthcare delivery and biotech breakthroughs.


  • Marian Garcia 
  • Jeremy Howells 


  • John Bessant  
  • Marcel Rogers  
  • Angelika Bullinger-Hoffmann 

Timeline for Submission

  • Decisions on abstracts and papers  27th March
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline 5th May 2020


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