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The core programme for the R&D Management Conference is structured around a series of parallel sessions each lasting 90 minutes. Sessions comprise four paper presentations that may be academically focused, practice relevant, or a mix of both. Tracks are nspired by this year's theme “Innovation Across Boundaries: Historical Reflection and Future Vision". Details can be seen below. 


Systems Theory Approaches for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research :

Gaining novel insight into factors that influence innovation processes and outcomes

This session will address the opportunities of using systems theory approaches to research innovation and entrepreneurship.
A particular challenge arising from the high complexity of these fields is finding a balance between studying narrow subjects in-depth and acknowledging important relationships between aspects that influence innovation and entrepreneurship while not losing track of relevant interdependencies. Insights are often gained on single influence factors but do not recognize their potential impact on others that might interrelate with innovation or entrepreneurial processes and outcomes. This indicates that novel approaches may be required to acknowledge such complexity.

In this session, examples of how the application of systems theory including e.g. Systems Dynamics, Soft Systems, Autopoietic Systems, Socio-Technical Systems, etc. can lead to new knowledge on how influence factors interdependently impact innovation or entrepreneurial processes and outcomes will be introduced and critically discussed.


This session will help participants analyze how systems theory approaches can be applied in innovation and entrepreneurship research to gather novel insights on interdependent influence factors on related processes and/or outcomes. It will provide a platform for knowledge exchange on such approaches by describing several examples in detail and allow critical assessment and discussion of the benefits and potential risks affiliated with them.


  • Kevin Reuther 
  • Yngve Dahle 


  • Darran Dalcher 
  • James B. Johnston 
  • Rod Gapp  
  • Milan Radosavljevic 

Timeline for Submission

  • Decisions on abstracts and papers  27th March
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline 5th May 2020


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