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Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the COVID-19-virus outbreak, we have come to a collective decision to postpone the R&D Management 2020 Conference to 2021. We are currently in the process of organizing the postponement and we will inform you as soon as more information is available. In the meanwhile, if you have any urgent matters, we kindly ask you to contact the conference organizers at

We send our regrets and apologies for this postponement. We also apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we hope you understand the remarkable nature of this recent global health issue. More information will follow.

The core programme for the R&D Management Conference is structured around a series of parallel sessions each lasting 90 minutes. Sessions comprise four paper presentations that may be academically focused, practice relevant, or a mix of both. Tracks are nspired by this year's theme “Innovation Across Boundaries: Historical Reflection and Future Vision". Details can be seen below. 


Design spaces across organizational boundaries :

Novel opportunities for strategic impact

Design is no longer viewed as a merely problem-solving approach or as an internal process contributing to NPD. Mobilized as a management innovation approach, it may be profoundly transformative for organizations, enabling them to rebuild their systems through constant learning and a search for emergent opportunities.
Current innovation streams involve strategic challenges determined by heterogeneous identities, complex boundaries and related collaboration capabilities, as well as evolution of governance modes. In this context, innovation management relies on setting new networks, allowing value creation and collection in an ecosystem environment. Knowledge generation and intra- and inter-organizational relationships are impacted.

From exploration to the exploitation of ideas, design pushes organizations to open their boundaries toward the external environment, in order to create and deliver value propositions centered on human experience (Buchanan, 2004). While the contribution of design for incremental innovation has been largely documented in literature, its strategic role in managing systemic innovation is still underexplored.

In this track, we aim at contributions on this topic, considering organizations as intelligent “organisms” responding to their environment in an open system (Morgan, 1986). In particular, boundaries shall be challenged regarding:

- The contribution of design for collaboration among organizations
- The implementation of a design approach to open innovation 
- The impacts of design-led innovation on the decision-making process 
- The KPI associated with design
- Training managers to design and/or design thinking
- The contribution of a design approach in formulating the organization’s raison d’être, and the impacts on its CSR & sustainability policy 
- The role of design in promoting innovation management focused on inclusiveness


The session aims at defining the state of the art of academic research on the strategic role of design in driving the innovation management decision making (investment and operational consequences). On this basis, our purpose is to share knowledge and experience on this topic, in order to foster a larger debate on the needs for future research setting the stage for academic and professional collaboration in knowledge creation. 


  • Estelle Berger 
  • Guillaume Blum 
  • Giulia Marcocchia 


  • Sihem Jouini 
  • Bérangère Szostak 
  • Jürgen Faust 
  • Thomas Paris 

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Timeline for Submission

  • Decisions on abstracts and papers  27th March
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline 5th May 2020


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Early Bird (before 5th May): £515

Early-Student (before 5th May): £415

Standard: £615

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One Day: £300


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