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Innovation across Boundaries: Historical Reflections and Future Vision

The honour of hosting the 40th Anniversary R&D Management conference was awarded to Strathclyde University in recognition of our research excellence and internationally-leading reputation for innovation and business engagement. Held in our new Technology & Innovation Centre in the heart of Glasgow, this is the University’s first cross-faculty conference between Strathclyde Business School, Engineering and Science. 

The theme of the conference, Innovation across Boundaries: Historical Reflections and Future Vision, celebrates the knowledge and social capital accrued in the R&D Management community in relation to innovation management and practices over the past 40 years. As well as acknowledging the origins and trajectory of the topic area, the theme assesses current state of the art trends in Innovation Management. In highlighting the increasing inter-disciplinary nature of innovation management this stresses the importance of the interface between academe and industry to bring together the international leaders of innovation theory and practice. This will provide an exellent forum to assess state-of-the-art trends and discuss and debate a wide range of topics surrounding innovation mnagement. 


Doctoral Colloquium: Saturday 27th June and Sunday 28th June, 2020
Conference: Monday 29th June - Wednesday 1st July, 2020


Welcome to the University of Strathclyde, venue for the R&D Management 40th Anniversary Conference at the University of Strathclyde.

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Timeline for Submission

  • Call for Tracks Deadline  11th November
  • Decisions for acceptance of tracks- 15th November
  • Call for Papers  (structured abstracts) opens 21st November
  • Abstract submission deadline  3rd February
  • Decisions on abstracts and papers  18th March
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline 5th May 2020


Registration Fees

Early Bird: £515

Early-Student: £415

Standard: £615

Standard Student: £515

One Day: £300

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